Notes of the Stockport and District Bowling League AGM 17th January 2019

AGM_imageThe Secretary announced that he was looking at tidying up the existing rules in time for next year’s AGM.

Where matches are cancelled clubs are reminded to notify the league immediately.

Completed match sheets should be sent to the league immediately after each match. Please take care as some match sheets were incorrectly completed last year with the result that some clubs were fined. From 2019 match sheets can be sent by email.

A ruling by the Cheshire County Bowling Association is that players will not be allowed to wear open sandals on the greens due to insurance requirements.

Every club must have a Safeguarding Officer. There will be a penalty of between £25 – £100 for clubs that do not have one as well as a suspension from 2020.   To date five clubs have not got a Safeguarding Officer.

The proposal on admitting female players and players over 55 in the vet’s league was ruled out of order on the basis that the proposal to include female players should have been submitted to amend the League rules, rather than the Vets rules.

The proposal to draw out a player’s name where teams only had 7 available players was accepted. If the drawn player refuses to play, then the pair forfeits their game.

In the Vets league, LMRC have dropped out, but Hazel Grove 2 will be admitted to Division 4 from next season.

A question was raised on clubs being fined £10 for not attending Cheshire meetings due to the distances involved.

It was agreed to increase honoraria’s by 5%.

Delegates were advised that when attending matches at those clubs who have bars, it is not permitted to take your own food.

Handbooks will be available late March.

White blocks are no longer legal.  Only yellow and/or black blocks are now allowed.

(Attended by Neal Linsky)