As we enter a New Year, it’s time to look ahead positively to the 2021 outdoor bowls season.
Last year proved there is a great appetite for people to enjoy our sport in a Covid-friendly manner. Those clubs who did open their doors provided a hub within their community for their members and experienced good levels of participation.
We know that the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions have had a huge impact on people’s ability to play bowls. We know you have received a few surveys from us recently but this very short one will enable us to recognise how you are feeling and what support is needed to return, whilst building a national understanding of how different groups would prefer to be supported.
Jon Cockcroft, Bowls England Chief Executive, said: “When reflecting on 2020, it’s almost impossible to look beyond Covid-19 and its impact on our sport. Many outdoor bowls clubs remained closed, thousands of bowlers did not pick up a bowl in anger, the competitive season as we know it did not happen and the sport was affected financially at all levels of our game.
“We want to do everything possible to ensure that clubs can reopen safely in 2021 and that the bowling community can get back to bowls with confidence. Your feedback will be valuable to support the work are undertaking, in conjunction with the Bowls Development Alliance and the British Crown Green Bowling Association, to help make this happen.”
Mark Bircumshaw, British Crown Green Bowling Association Chief Executive said: “2020 has been the most challenging year and Bowls has been badly affected as all outdoor sports have. As we move into 2021 understanding how we reopen safely will be critical in getting our members back to the game we all love. Completing this survey will help us in conjunction with Bowls England and the Bowls Development Alliance to enable a safe return for all clubs across the Bowling community.”
The survey should take no longer than five minutes to complete and thank you in advance for your valuable contribution us to ensure that we can help to get you back on the green. Deadline for completed surveys is Sunday 28th February.

Condolences to Dave Ellis

The club sends its condolences to the family of Dave Ellis whose father in law, Arnold, passed away on 28th November 2020. Arnold was a social member who used to play bowls with Dave most Saturday mornings. Dave and Arnold were also reqular attendees to our annual presentation social evening.

Jim Capstick

We were informed earlier today that Jim Capstick has sadly passed away after being admitted to hospital.

Our thoughts go out to his wife Anne and the rest of his family.

There are no details as yet about the funeral but given the restrictions due to Covid – 19 it is unlikely that club bowlers will be able to attend without informing the family first.

Book a Bowling Green Slot

Thursday 22 October 12 pm. CL/ML
Sunday 25 October 11 am.  JI/AB/JI


As of October 2020 you can still book a 1 hour bowling green slot by emailing or by texting/phoning 07763 973396. All bookings of up to 4 players will be allocated to the top green, unless you say otherwise. I.e one single booking of 4 players or 2 separate bookings of 2 players. Please indicate i) Your name ii) The names of anyone else bowling with you, iii) The date/day/time you wish to play, iv) Your contact details. We will then confirm your booking and update our website, to avoid any double bookings. 
Click here for the Phase 2 guidelines issued by the BCGBA which we have previously issued to all our members. In agreeing to play it is expected that you read and comply with the guidance. In addition we request that you clean/sanitise your hands or wear gloves when entering and exiting the green and refrain from touching the railings surrounding the green. As the bowling green is in a public park, you are requested to practice social distancing with people in the park.