Women’s Tameside League Delegates meeting 9th January

Women’s Tameside League Delegates meeting

AGM 9th January 2017

  • Minutes not read as no copy available
  • Division 1 will have 10 teams
  • Division 2 & 3 will have 9 teams
  • Registration secretary Kathryn Jackson
  • Season opening day suggested 19th April (to be confirmed)
  • Next meeting 13th March

Treasurers Report

Read through the income and expenditure statement for 2016

  • Money that has not been collected from prize money  and presentation evening will be to charity
  • A vote was taken to give MSA (Multiple Symptoms Atrophy) which a lady from Friesland  club had proposed as her daughter is suffering from this condition

Secretary Report

  • Nothing to report at this time
  • Vote taken for elective officers for 2017 to remain the same as last year


  1.  North’s team to join the league in division 3 dropped from division 1 as they have lost quite a few players

    Motion carried

  2. RULE 9B changed
    Motion carried
    When players are drawn out to play twice in the season which is allowed 2 in first half & second half of the season
    This has been changed to 4 times over the whole season
    Motion carried

Notes taken by Sue Linsky