Results round up 9 – 12 July

North Derbyshire: 12/07/2018 Ashwood Park B v Manor Park Awaiting result
Tameside Vets: 11/07/2018 Delemere B 8 Manor Park 7.5
Tameside Ladies: 11/07/2018 No match
Longdendale: 10/07/2018 Woodley Sports B 10 Manor Park 3
Stockport Vets Pairs: 09/07/2018 Manor Park 76 Grange 2 64
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 10/07/2018 Manor Park 58 Furness Vale 50

Tameside Ladies Delegate meeting on Monday 9th July


  • There is a new mobile no for Barry (Match secretary) 0747 407 4379
  • The Tameside Trophy was not drawn tonight, it will be done on the day (15th July)
  • The presentation evening is being held on Thursday 15th Nov at the Dukinfield Masonic Hall at 7pm Tickets are £5 each, this includes food, potato pie or cheese and onion pie and also an artist and comedian. All teams have to buy 4 tickets
  • Rule on rearranged matches if the weather was bad. If the greens man said it was unfit to play and the match was rearranged by both captains, that was ok so you did not need to attend the green in question
  • Some clubs are not confirming results, if not confirmed within 48 hours there will be a fine

Notes taken by Susan Linsky.

Results round up 30 June – 5 July

North Derbyshire: 05/07/2018 Manor Park 150 High Lane B 149
Tameside Vets: 04/07/2018 Manor Park Dobcross B 13.5
Tameside Ladies: 04/07/2018 No match
Longdendale: 30/06/2018 Manor Park Hyde Club 12
Stockport Vets Pairs: 02/07/2018 No match
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 03/07/2018 Manor Park 69 Tideswell 65

Results round up 23 – 28 June

North Derbyshire: 28/06/2018 Spring Gardens B 120 Manor Park 153
Tameside Vets: 27/06/2018 Oxford Park 1 Manor Park 16.5
Tameside Ladies: 27/06/2018 Manor Park 9 King Georges 3
Longdendale: 23/06/2018 No match
Stockport Vets Pairs: 25/06/2018 Manor Park 66 Woodley Sports 2 60
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 26/06/2018 No match

Harold Ingerson Trophy 2nd round

Anne Donoghue v David Astbury
Ken Charlton v Pam Taylor
Gerald Taylor v Barry Clayton
Barbara Taylor v Neal Linsky
David Thomas v Bryan Buckland
Martin Coombes v Joyce Godfrey
David Overall v Dewi Howell
Barbara Bulmore v Luke Jones

All matches to be completed by no later than Sunday 15th July.

Results round 16 – 21 June

North Derbyshire: 21/06/2018 Manor Park 156 Peak Dale 128
Tameside Vets: 20/06/2018 No match
Tameside Ladies: 20/06/2018 Dukinfield Central 8 Manor Park 4.5
Longdendale: 16/06/2018  Victoria B v Manor Park – Postponed
Stockport Vets Pairs: 18/06/2018 New Mills 2 45 Manor Park 82
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 19/06/2018 Manor Park 82 Whaley Bridge 37

Club Away Day 24th June

Congratulations to Martin Coombes and Trevor Whiteley who won the round robin competition at the club away day in Southport on 24th June.  Martin and Trevor defeated Luke Jones and Jim Capstick in the final.


Barbara Taylor presenting the cup to Martin and Trevor.


Winners Martin Coombes and Trevor Whitelely










Finalists Jim Capstick and Luke Jones.

24 June – Away day competition draw

WHITE TEAMS (using the white Jack’s)

1.  Stan Perkins & John Ingerson (senior)
2.  Eunice Coombes & Ian Woods
3.  Hazel Perkins & Sue Holtby
4.  Hazel Prady & Dave Thomas
5.  Luke Jones & Jim Capstick
6.  Ken Charlton & Barry Clayton
7.  June Smith & Sonia Woods

YELLOW TEAMS (using the yellow Jack’s)

1.  Dave Astbury & John Ingerson (Junior)
2.  Phil Dalziel & Barbara Bulmore
3.  Gerald Taylor & Pam Taylor
4.  Walter Smith & Linda Thomas
5.  Maureen Hargreaves & Edward Donoghue
6.  Martin Coombes & Trevour Whitely
7.  Anne Donoghue & Bill Holtby

All games are played to 7 ends

Results round up 9 – 14 June

North Derbyshire: 14/06/2018 Whaley Bridge B 157 Manor Park 129
Tameside Vets: 13/06/2018 Denton 2  2 Manor Park 15
Tameside Ladies: 13/06/2018 No match
Longdendale: 09/06/2018 Manor Park Hadfield B 12
Stockport Vets Pairs: 11/06/2018 Manor Park 161 Victoria 3 162
High Peak Mixed Pairs: 12/06/2018 Fairfield 84 Manor Park 22